Drummer´s throne video clips – presented by Bill Lewington

Product video 14.06.2013
Sandra Scholtz

For its customers our (trade-) partner Bill Lewington Ltd from the UK made some review show videos of our drummer´s thrones. In the four clips David from Bill Lewington presents important features of the thrones, e.g.:

  • height and height adjustment
  • stability
  • comfort
  • foldability
  • detachability of the seat


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1. König & Meyer »Gomezz« 14000
The ultimate throne for comfort, style and durability!


König & Meyer Drummer´s Throne 14007
A throne with the same great features as the »Gomezz« but an alternative, round seat.


2. König & Meyer »Gomezz« 14030
A fantastic throne for drummers of all levels!


 3. König & Meyer »Picco« 14020
With a footprint of 540 mm it´s easy to squeeze the Picco into small places!

4. König & Meyer »Nick«14055
A sturdy product with a “saddle” seat and high comfort.

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