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Company 14.11.2012
Gabriela König Geschäftsführung

Mobile devices are becoming an increasingly established feature of the music scene. In addition to the digitalisation of sheet music and lyrics, there is application potential particularly in the recording area.

There are plenty of apps for musicians ranging from instruments, tuners and multi-effect processors to karaoke applications and complete recording studios.

We recognised the potential in 2011 and developed a range of holders for the iPad. We initially designed the iPad Stand Holder 19710 (attachable to all 3/8“- threads), iPad Holder 19720 (attached to the stand tube by means of a clamp) and the iPad Wall Bracket 19730.

By mid 2011 the iPad holders for the next generation were ready for delivery. These designs (stand holder, iPad holder and wall mount) are suitable for the second, third and fourth generations.

The iPad table stand‘s design and functionality were very well received on the market in September 2011 (for 1st generation & for 2nd, 3rd & 4th generations).

The iPad Stand 19772, as a combination of stand and iPad holder, completes the iPad range.

As the market share of the tablet PCs continues to increase, we are now introducing the Universal Holder 19740 for attaching tablets between 120 and 220 mm to stand tubes of max. 30 mm diameter.

Smartphones too are making major inroads in the music scene. With the new universal holder your smartphone is always in reach.


The new products in detail:

19740 Tablet PC holder
A distinctive tensioning mechanism means this holder is suitable for attaching tablet PCs in size from 120 to 220 mm to a shaft diameter of max. 30 mm. The holder is equally suitable for tablets with a protective sleeve or case. A tension spring allows the tablet to be clipped in and removed from the holder easily and quickly. The adjustable, universal clamping jaw with integrated moss rubber protectors ensures a strong grip and eliminates undesired vibration sound problems. The holder does not affect the functioning of the operating controls. The felt-protected adjustable fastening pin provides extra security when the tablet holder is positioned vertically and prevents the tablet PC from falling, even under heavy use. The holder can be rotated to a position to suit all users and the rotation motion adjusted from easy to stiff with a clamp bolt. The tablet holder can of course be switched between portrait and landscape format and potential slippage is prevented.


19745 Smartphone holder
Your smartphone is always within reach with this universal holder. The holder is suitable for flat devices, e.g. smartphones or MP3 players with a width of 46 to 76 mm. It’s quick and easy to use – simply place the smartphone in the holder and close the clamping jaws – finished. The device is released at the press of a button. The clamping jaws, with integrated moss rubber protectors, ensure a strong grip and eliminate undesired vibration sound problems. To ensure functioning of the operating controls is not affected, the bars of the holder can be removed and re-inserted on the reverse side of the holder. The holder can be switched between portrait and landscape format. The stable clamping element with ergonomic knurled screw means the holder can be attached to shafts max. 30 mm diameter. The holder can be freely positioned by means of the 110 mm long holding arm.


19772 iPad stand
The combination of stand and iPad holder is great to use on stage, at home or in the studio. The iPad (2nd, 3rd or 4th generation) is easy to clip in and out of the holder. Tilt is adjusted with an ergonomic clamping screw. The iPad can of course be turned to either the vertical or horizontal position and slip is prevented. The simple stand, which telescopes in 2 sections, can be adjusted to any height between 70 and 155 cm. It folds to a small compact size, which is easy to transport.



description order number use suitable for
iPad Stand Holder19710 19710-300-55 stand holder iPad 1st generation
iPad Holder19720 19720-000-55 holder iPad 1st generation
iPad Wall Mount 19730 19730-000-55 wall mount iPad 1st generation
iPad Table Stand19750 19750-000-55 table stand iPad 1st generation
iPad Stand Holder 19712 19712-300-55 stand holder 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation
iPad Holder 19722 19722-000-55 holder 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation
iPad Wall Mount 19732 19732-000-55 wall mount 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation
iPad Table Stand 19752 19752-000-55 table stand 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation
iPad Stand 19772 19772-300-55 stand 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation
Tablet PC Holder 19740 19740-000-55 holder for attaching tablet PCs in size from 120 to 220 mm
Smartphone Holder 19745 19745-000-55 holder smartphones or MP3 players with a width of 46 to 76 mm

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