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19" Power box

28664 19" Power box

28664-000-55 - black

1 space Power Box, sturdy aluminum housing. Only for power current 16A 380 V~, with 5 pole CEE-plug and cable (length 2 m), 6 sockets 230 V~ in different colors on the front side.

  • 28664-000-55
Product data
Connection: electric cable 2 m
EAN: 4016842803538
Electrical connection data: 400 V AC 3, N, PE CEE 16A, 5-pin 6h
Height (units): 1 space
Material: aluminum
Sockets: 6 piece on the front side
Special features: per color unit maximum 3600 W total power input under regular technical connection conditions
Type: black
Weight: 1.07 kg