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Lathe Shop

When it comes to their machines, they’re nobody’s fools: Well-trained precision mechanics utilize the full efficiency of our CNC- operated lathes in order to produce as rationally and cost-effectively as possible. Loadable tool turrets with propelled tools able to process com- ponents on both sides without clamping as well as load magazines that facilitate an automated production process make this possible.

Round, square or hexagonal material can be processed in aluminum, brass or steel. Strict adherence to tolerances is self-evident.

CNC short automatic lathe equipment: 12-position turret
with 6 or 12 propelled tools
max. component size L: 130 mm, Diameter: 60 mm
CNC long automatic lathe equipment: 5-position turret
max. component size L: 400 mm, Diameter: 32 mm
Plastic Processing