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May 9, 2011

Instrument stand for a very big tuba

t's not very often that you will see this kind of instrument!

You find this big tuba in the museum in Markneukirchen,  to be precise  in a room of the „Gerber-Hans-Haus“, which belongs to the museum.
The official handover of the tuba to the music-instrument museum will be in May 2012. 
At that time  the international days of music will take place.
Within these days there will be a “concert for the big tuba and the orchestra”. A special  music composition will  unify  the tuba  player Jörg Wachsmuth and the  brass orchestra of Markneukirchen in a perfect way.

The photos show the tuba stand which was  developped  especially for this tuba by König & Meyer. This stand  enables the musician  to play this unique  instrum

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Instrument stand for a very big tuba
Prof. Jörg Wachsmuth an der Tuba,
Fotos von Frank Fickelscherer-Faßl