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14030 Drummer’s throne »Grande«

14030-000-02 - chrome

The »Grande« drummer’s throne is an all rounder, demonstrating comfort and excellent stability. The tried-and-tested precision height adjustment mechanism with a ratchet knob and clamping lever allows height adjustment at 0.393" intervals. The stable double-braced steel leg construction and robust floor protectors provide a good grip. The comfortable upholstered seat (ø 12.992") with a durable, resistant cover makes fatigueless playing for hours possible. The swivel feature can be adjusted from smooth to stiff using the easy-to-use wing nut. Height can be adjusted from 19.094 to 26.968". The medium footprint of 24.606" provides good stability even when space is at a premium.

  • US-14030-000-02
Product data
Base diameter: 24.606 "
EAN: 4016842823741
Height: from 19.094 to 26.968"
Height adjustment: pull-button and clamping lever, in 0.393" steps
Leg construction: stable double-braced 3-leg base
Material: steel
Rod combination: 2-piece folding design
Seat: imitation leather, ø 12.992"
Special features: robust rubber end caps; height adjustment by a notched system; the easy-to-use wing nut permits a seat rotation from loose to fixed position
Type: chrome
Weight: 10.705 lbs
Product video

Grande Picco


Standardmäßig verstellt man Drumthrones meist über die bewährten Drehspindeln in der Höhe. Der deutsche Hersteller König & Meyer löst diesmore

Duell am Picco Grande


Bei König & Meyer (K&M) bekommen selbst Drum hocker so klangvolle Namen wie Gomezz, Nick oder eben Picco und Grande.more