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23785 Microphone »Fishing Pole«

23785-500-55 - black
Professional carbon microphone fishing pole. The exceptional characteristics of this microphone fishing pole include sturdiness and high stiffness considering its light weight. The four clamps with the innovative locking system are easy to use and provide highly functional locking force. The fishing pole can be adjusted variably between 31.496 and 111.22". Cables can be placed inside the pole. A upholstered carrying case is included.
  • US-23785-500-55
Product data
Adjustment: clamp lever(s)
EAN: 4016842828463
Material: carbon
min.: 31.496
Rod combination: 5-piece folding design
Special features: cables can be placed inside; carrying case included
Threaded connector: 5/8"
Type: black
Weight: 1.63 lbs