Environmental Protection
is important to us

“Resources are too valuable to waste. Resource conservation and environmental protection are firmly anchored in each step of our production.”

Environmental Protection as a corporate goal

We prevent waste, save water and energy and reduce emissions wherever possible. We continually review all environmentally relevant processes and develop strategies and measures that can minimize resource consumption and environmental impact.

Environmental protection has been a stated corporate goal of König & Meyer for decades. Our unlimited commitment to quality and environment in the production process translates into the most effective use of raw materials, conservation of energy, greater use of renewable energies, recycling of parts and products at the end of their life, avoidance of pollutants in production, reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of water consumption and treatment of waste water used in the production process to produce potable quality. Since 1979 we have reduced our water consumption by 94 percent.

König & Meyer has been certified according to the recognized ISO 14001 standard since 2000 and the EU EMAS regulation since 1998. Both were awarded for effective and responsible environmental protection.

We were also awarded the Environmental Prize of Baden-Württemberg for our outstanding achievements in promoting environmental protection and for our environment-based management.