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Microphone holder for drums

24035 Microphone holder for drums

24035-500-55 - black
Compact holder to attach microphones to drums, esp. bass drums. The microphone can be slided up to 2.76" on the mounting rail and placed very near to the drum. Easy mounting, no parts to lose. Rubber washer and inserts absorb noise and shock, "RIMS" suitable. With 5/8" thread.   Technical details
  • US-24035-500-55
Product data
EAN: 4016842810239
Material: steel
min.: 4.528
Special features: shock-absorbing clamping element captive "R.I.M.S" suitable microphone can be slided up to 2.756"
Threaded connector: 5/8"
Type: black
Weight: 0.264 lbs
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