Tube Laser Cutting Machine

We see tubes in a completely different light.

Round, square or oval – we finish steel or stainless steel tubes in seconds with the latest laser technology. Fully independent of any tools, contours can be cut that offer completely new possibilities for further processing. With the tube laser, a whole world of new products opens up. Thanks to CNC control, requests for alterations can be flowed immediately into the ongoing manufacturing process.

From small series to mass production, we are therefore able to manufacture substantially more economically and flexibly than possible with any conventional punching and separation tool.

Material to be processed:
  • steel and stainless steel
  • round tube diameter 12 to 140 mm
  • square, rectangular and oval tube 12x12to120x120mm
  • tube wall up to 7 mm
  • tube lengths up to 6500 mm and workpiece lengths up to 3500 mm possible