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Piano stool

14093 Piano stool

14093-017-55 - black
Perfect Position. You are always sitting in the right position with this comfortable piano stool. The rectangular seating area and heavy duty immitation leather cover with dimensions of 16.929 x 12.992" provide extraordinary seating comfort. The height adjustment is variable thanks to an integrated pneumatic spring. The lever is located under the seat and is easy to operate. The settings vary from 18.989 and 24.016".   Technische Details
  • US-14093-017-55
Product data
Base diameter: 15.748 "
EAN: 4016842101283
Height: from 18.898 to 24.016"
Height adjustment: pneumatic spring
Leg construction: round base
Material: steel
Rod combination: 2-piece folding design
Seat: Kunstlederbezug, 16.929 x 12.992"
Type: black
Weight: 16.892 lbs

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