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18815 Laptop holder

18815-018-55 - black
This newly designed holder for the keyboard tables 18810 »Omega«, 18820 »Omega Pro«, 18950 and 18953 provides a good view of your laptop. You won’t find a more versatile laptop holder. The holder is infinitely adjustable in height, distance and direction. The desk angle can also be adjusted. In addition, the holder can be attached to any of the legs of a keyboard stand. The adjustable stop pins mean the laptop connections are always accessible. The support shelf is also suitable for small items of equipment, e.g. an iPad.
  • US-18815-018-55
Product data
Adjustment: tilt gradual in 8 settings
Angle of inclination: 0° to 26°
Bearing plate: 13.976 x 9.449"
EAN: 4016842106417
extendable: from 9.449 to 15.748"
Height: from 10.945 to 16.85"
Laptop rest: 14.016 x 9.37 "
Material: steel holder, aluminum shelf
Size when folded: 17.323 x 13.386 x 2.165"
Special features: infinitely variable in height, direction, distance and tilt
Type: black
Weight: 4.872 lbs