Powder Coating

Environmentally-friendly powder coating Technology..

It’s in our finish processing that our know-how really shows. Our powder coating plant, newly built in 2004, has set standards in quality, flexibility and effective manufacturing. Here metal parts are electro statically coated by 10 airbrushes (per cabinet) with high-quality powder. A Cyclone com- pressor or filter provides 93 – 99 % recycling for pollution-free manufactu- ring and maximum efficiency. In particular, parts to be coated black can be integrated economically and at short notice into ongoing production. Versatile-use rack carts can accommodate nearly all work piece sizes (up to 1200 x 1800 x 400 mm), thereby often eliminating the need for manufacture from scratch. Several buffer stations and three assembly stations ensure fast and flexible production.

Pretreatment: Degreasing/bonderizing, rinsing, drying
Assembly: 3 assembly stations Coating cabinets
Cabinet 1: black epoxy resin powder
Cabinet 2: for all colors
max. component size: 1200 x 1800 x 400 mm