Backstage buzz: discover the latest König & Meyer gear from NAMM and ISE

News 20.02.2024
André Scherzer

You know it well – that feeling when you’re on stage and everything has to be perfect. That’s why we at König & Meyer are keeping up with the latest innovations in order to provide you with the best tools for your performances. At the most recent trade fairs, we presented some exciting products that are sure to make your gigs a whole lot easier.

Bring light into the darkness – anywhere and any time

What if you could conveniently light up your sheet music or other tools on stage without having to worry about annoying cables? Our new music stand light 12259 »Double2 LED FlexLight rechargeable  is not only mobile but also ultra-flexible. With its movable goosenecks and long-life LEDs, it offers maximum flexibility when it comes to positioning the light cone. Thanks to its rechargeable battery, the light can be used on the move and provides up to 14 hours of bright light on a single charge. The practical clip makes it easy to attach to music stands or tabletops. And if necessary, it simply fits in your pocket. Whether in the rehearsal room, on stage, or in the studio – our music stand light is just what you need. 


Rock on without cables: the XLR stand for microphone professionals 

The 27500 XLR microphone stand with gooseneck sets new standards among K&M microphone stands in terms of look and handling. With integrated XLR connectors and high-quality digital audio cables, it offers a direct connection without annoying cables as well as a sleeker look without microphone clips. The powder-coated stand can withstand a lot – just as you have come to expect from K&M products. The short full metal feet ensure a stable stand and can easily be folded away for transport. 

Your smartphone – your sidekick on stage 

No one knows better than you that your smart phone is more than just a cell phone – it carries all your secrets and serves as a multi-functional tool on stage and in the studio. And to show off your trusted device in the best light, we at König & Meyer have developed a range of smartphone mounts that get the best out of your Apple, Samsung, Sony, or Google phone. 

19756 smartphone table stand: 

Imagine your smartphone had a fixed place at home or in the studio – always ready at hand and stable. Our universal holder can fit smartphones from 55 to 85 mm wide. With a quick-release button and a flexible ball joint, you have full control over the positioning of your phone. Whether you’re checking sheet music or delighting your fans with selfies – the 19756 smartphone table stand is your dependable support. 

19755 Smartphone-Halter:

Your smartphone deserves the best – and this holder offers just that. With its sturdy construction and the ability to hold smartphones from 55 to 85 mm wide and from 130 to 180 mm high, this holder is the perfect solution for anyone who needs unparalleled flexibility. The quick-release button and flexible ball joint allow for quick adjustment, and the robust clamping element with wing screw can be securely mounted on any stand, tube, or table leg up to 30 mm in diameter. Whether in the studio, on stage, or during rehearsals – it holds your smartphone firmly and securely. 

19753 smartphone holder: 

Flexibility is the key, and this smartphone holder offers plenty of it. Thanks to the 3/8″ or 5/8″ thread, you can screw this 19753 holder to any microphone stand, table stand, or microphone arm. Whether in the studio for your recordings or on stage for your performance – this holder is always on hand.  

19759 Smartphone stand:

Imagine if your smartphone could move freely yet still be held securely. With our smartphone stand, this idea becomes reality. It can be adjusted from 600 to 1,400 mm in height, and it’s suitable for all devices from 55 to 85 mm in width. The gooseneck and flexible ball joint give you full control over the position of your smartphone. 

Your gig is in full swing, the stage is shaking, and the atmosphere is electric. You hold your smartphone above your head for a selfie – and then it lands safely in the K&M stand. This stand is your partner in crime. 

Smartphone Holder

Lights on, clear the stage! Our stylish, space-saving stands for lights and speakers 

The right light and the perfect sound make all the difference. That’s why we at König & Meyer have developed a series of light/speaker stands that not only look good but also save space and thus minimize the risk of tripping on stage. 

26731 Speaker Stand:

Sleek, stylish, and stable – our speaker stand is the perfect solution if you have little space but still want to achieve great things. With its flat steel plate and practical carrying handle, it is ideal for use on small stages or in confined studios. The height can be adjusted in five stages from 1,135 mm to 1,835 mm. If it has to be handy, space saving, and reliable, this stand has it all. 

24650 und 24653 Lightning/ Speaker stand:

Your band will love these two stands. They are virtually the universal solution for light and sound on stage. The height can be adjusted in five steps from 1,400 mm to 2,400 mm. With the M10 threaded bushing, the 24650 and 24653 can also be used to securely position crossbars and speakers. With the optional 26709 additional weight, the stands are extremely stable – even with heavier speakers. The highlight – with the 24653, there are three options for positioning the tube combination: either a central/off-center position or in the corner of the base plate. It offers the perfect versatility for maximum flexibility at every gig.

Lightning/ Speaker Stands


Now it’s up to you. Impressed? Let us know in the comments which stands and holders take your stage experience to the next level. Rock on! 

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