Plastic Processing

The art of processing plastics.

Highly efficient modern injection molding machines in different catego- ries enable us to process nearly every kind of thermoplastic (except PVC and silicone) quickly and economically in an environmentally friendly fashion. The necessary tools for production can be provided in our in-house tool shop or, due to the compatibility of our machines, be easily taken over from the customer.

Qualified mechanics work efficiently and flexibly for you. That’s why we can realize production orders at extremely short notice if needed. Decades of experience in the manufacturing of various plastic parts make us a truly competent partner.


K&M injection molding machines:



Closing Power Tool width Injection weight
50t 420 mm 120 g
60t 420 mm 114 g
80t 420 mm 205 g
100t 420 mm 205 g
150t 500 mm 290 g
200t 500 mm 290 g