The fusion of flexibility and precision.

Two fully programmable welding robots offer their unbeatable precision to you around the clock. With their Push & Pull burners (Fronius gas-shielded welding equipment), they create solid joints of invariably uniform quality when welding steel and aluminum.

This applies to the manufacturing of either large or small quantities. In addition, we can manufacture small manually welded lot sizes perfectly and reliably. By means of spot welding or stud welding processes, or MIG/MAG or WIG welding machines, we connect steel components quickly and flexibly per precise specifications.

Welding robots: 2 robots (MIG/MAG), each with turntable
(max. load capacity 300 kg) for steel and aluminum
Manual welding equipment:
  • spot welding equipment
  • stud welding equipment
  • MIG/MAG welding machines
  • WIG welding machines