JULIEN-K is a synth rockband from the USA.
For years they have been touring the world and in 2013 they have again proved themselves with their new album:  We’re Here With You


“We are trying to say something; we are trying to change things; we are trying to take performance to another level; we are trying to integrate newest technology in a way that no one ever has; we are trying to continue to write great songs; we are trying to write hooks and have great choruses; we are trying to talk about real life; our lives; situations; things that people can actually identify with – real life, love, relationships, all the things that I used to love in music. We are trying to keep passion in music”


2014 Julien-K presented the single “California Noir”. The corresponding album “California Noir – Chapter One: Analog Beaches & Digital Cities” album was released in spring 2015. Followed by “California Noir – Chapter Two: Nightlife in Neon” in 2016.

Release in February 2018: Time Capsule: A Future Retrospective 2003 – 2017
2020 Julien-K released their 6th studio album “Harmonic Disruptor”.

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