Women in tech: a look into the world of König & Meyer

Azubi-News 07.03.2024
Leonarda Mattern

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate not only women’s achievements, but also their courage and determination to succeed and thrive in traditionally male-dominated professions. Within our organization, Selina Speier and Lena Müller are excellent examples of successful women working in technical fields.


Speier started out as an apprentice precision mechanic specializing in machine tools back in September 2014, at the age of 17. “I was never really interested in office jobs,” she explains. Speier was interested in technology from an early age. She ended up discovering that precision mechanics would be the right fit for her through a series of internships.

She knew it was mostly a male field. “I did have some concerns. Especially when one of the master craftsmen told me during one of my internships that I wouldn’t be a good fit for the job,” she recalls. But she was undaunted. “On the contrary. It motivated me to find my spot and prove myself.”

Speier decided to embark on an apprenticeship at König & Meyer. She sensed right away that she was part of a team that supported her. Even though it was a male-dominated environment, people didn’t treat her any differently. This experience helped her to forge her path with confidence and motivation.

“It was an exciting time. I learned a lot and really grew as a person,” she says of her career. These days, she is a lead responsible for coordinating and monitoring an assembly line. “I help my colleagues with technical questions and make sure quality standards are upheld.” Asked whether she would choose the same path again, Speier says a firm yes, adding, “All doors are open to you when you finish the program.”


Meanwhile, Lena Müller started an apprenticeship as a construction mechanic in September 2023. She first became aware of the company at an evening event showcasing apprenticeship programs and then went on to do an internship during the fall break. Like Speier, she knew from the start that she wasn’t cut out to work in an office. “I like being physically active, working with my hands, and seeing at the end of the day what I’ve accomplished,” Müller says, listing the plus sides of her job.

Although she wasn’t quite sure the job was the right path for her at the start, she felt welcome within the team from the first day. Müller sees Girls’Day, on April 25, as the perfect opportunity for girls and young women to get a taste of work in technical fields and see if one of them is the right fit.


Speier agrees that it is important for young girls to be brave and not let prejudice stand in their way. “My advice to young girls is not to let anyone intimidate them,” she says. “Follow your passion, be brave, and believe in yourself. The world of technology has so much to offer. There’s no reason women shouldn’t be a part of it.”

Speier joins Müller in issuing a warm invitation to Girls’Day at König & Meyer. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to get a look behind the scenes at the company and the technical professions of construction mechanics, mechatronics, and precision mechanics. You might even get to know other girls who share your interests. We can’t wait to meet you!”


Managing Director Gabriela König will be attending Girls’Day as well. She hopes her presence will signal just how essential it is to support women, especially those working in technical fields. She looks forward to welcoming the girls in person and giving them insight into the company.

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