König & Meyer launch a new advertising campaign

Company News 19.03.2012
Gabriela König CEO

König & Meyer’s new advertising campaign follows a completely new, revised approach. The music accessories manufacturer from Wertheim puts the users first and foremost.
“Our adverts in the past have been perceived as being too technical. That is why it was important for us to relate more to the musicians.  After all, every music stand is ultimately a solution for the user,” explains CEO Gabriela König. The company intends responding more directly to the needs and requirements of musicians through more modern and emotional adverts on the internet and in print magazines. The “Highend Accessories” campaign will communicate the added-value of high quality music stands.

There are currently 5 motifs representing the following product categories:
– Multimedia Equipment (iPad holder)
– Keyboard stands (Spider Pro)
– Drummer thrones (Gomezz)
– Microphone stands (210/2)
– Guitar stands (»Guardian«)

The online ad banners will have a variety of sizes:
– Wide Skyscraper (160×600)
– Superbanner (728×90)
– Medium Rectangle (300×250)

Clicking on a banner will take the user straight to the landing page where the subcategories and highlight products from the category are presented. Another button transfers the user to all the other products on the website.

The advertising campaign, which will also be flanked by information and promotions, has been designed together with the “Finest Branding Group” agency.  The band members of König &Meyer’s new endorsement partner “Noch ne Band” also offered their support in creating the new image by posing for a photo shoot.

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