Stands For Your Music – We got our winners

Contests 01.03.2011
Gabriela König CEO

After three month running time, yesterday there was the last day of our facebook contest. For two month (01.12.10 – 31.01.11) all kind of musicians had the possibility to participate. They just had to load up a picture of themselves or their fellow musicians and tell us why they deserve to win. In February the voting took place. So in the third month every facebook user could vote for his three favorite participants out of 216.

Click the tab "Contest" and then "Results" to find the rankings and the first, second and third place! The three winners will be informed by us! They will receive 500€ / 300€ /150€ which they can spend on music equipment of their choice. Additionally we´ll present the winning band in a short report.

We congratulate the three winners and wish them a lot of fun and success!

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