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11905 Sound insulation element for Orchestra seats with backrest

11905-000-55 - black
The sound insulation element equipped with a clamp to attach to the individual backrest bar. The curved acrylic glass shield protects the orchestra musician from the sound emanating from the musician sitting behind them. Variable height, angle and distance adjustment according to one’s individual needs. The shield can be attached to or removed from the lower section easily through the V-shaped connector. It can be expanded through K&M Acoustic Absorber 11901.   Technical details
  • 11905-000-55
Product data
Connection stand/shield: prismatic »V-block« connector
Dimensions shield: 450 x 240 mm
EAN: 4016842106578
Height: 700 mm
Material: stand steel, acrylic glass shield
Special features: can be used on both sides (concave, convex)
Type: black
Weight: 1.71 kg
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