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Company News 23.12.2013
Sandra Scholtz

What does »Omega« consist of:

  • It is highly stable – through the compact steel tube construction and large round end caps
  • Simple and fine-tuned height adjustment through the two sided spring-loaded locking screws
  • The support arms can be adjusted to suit the size of the keyboard. (Keyboards up to 50 kg)
  • For transportation the keyboard stand folds up and is very compact.


Our »Omega« stands are:
18810 Table-style keyboard stand »Omega«,
18820 Table-style keyboard stand »Omega Pro« and
18800 Table-style keyboard stand »Omega-E«
18810 and 18820 are available in black, white and ruby red. 

The »Omega« keyboard table is predestined to be equipped / optimized with additional equipment.

Generally the support surface is equipped with twelfe holes, to be able to mount the accessories into the desired position (from the middle – the holes are arranged in two row times six holes that are equidistant on both sides). Theoretically, all accessory products can be used at the same time! The equipment is suitable for Omega 18810, 18820 and 18880. Only the laptop holder 18815 (#6) can´t be used for the »Omega-E« 18880.

For mounting & moving

Adapter 18814 (A) is needed to mount the universal holder (which is needed for the equipment listed below). The Adapter 18814 is placed in the desired hole, such that the open tube points away from the keyboard player. The tube combination – consisting of an adapter and accessories – can be placed in this.
The attachment (#4) can be mounted directly with the help of a drill-hole template and the laptop holder (#6) is attached to the “legs” using the clamp-prisma on the side steel construction.

The Trolley for Keyboard Stands (18806) keeps your keyboard stand on the move. Both trolleys are adjustable in length and provide extra mobility on stage, in rehearsal rooms or at home.

The Omega Equipment in Detail:

#1 Universal holder (No. 18817)
The height of the vertical tube can be adjusted individually choosing from 8 positions. The 3/8″ threaded connector connects other accessories, such as boom arm, gooseneck, iPad holder, Tablet PC holder etc.


#2 Sheet music holder (No. 18817 + 18805)
This useful sheet music and concept holder attaches easily to the universal holder 18817, 18873 or 18944. The music desk is 296 mm high and 416 mm wide. The music desk can be removed separately with the sturdy K&M prismatic V-block connector.


#3  Boom arm (No. 18817 + 21140)
Two-piece telescopic boom arm with 3/8″ thread. Complete with locking washer and plastic grip. Smooth, silent and scratch-free adjustment thanks to large wing nut.


#4: Stacker black/ white/ ruby red (No. 18811)
This attachment is the ideal supplement for a second keyboard or laptop. Fully adjustable in tilt.


Controller keyboard tray (No. 18819)
The sturdy aluminium tray offers new uses for the »Omega« keyboard stand. The rest on the upper tray arms of the stacker 18813 provide space for small synthesizers, controllers, drum machines etc. The angled stop with padded edges and the included rubber rests prevent small devices from moving.


#5 Second Stacker (No. 18822)
Stacker for a third level for the keyboard stand Omega. The stacker is easily and quickly positioned to the desired height by a spring-loaded clamping knob. In addition, depth and inclination adjust in various positions. This stacker can only be used in conjunction with the 18811 stacker.


Controller keyboard tray (No. 18824)
New since April 2018: The sturdy aluminium tray offers new uses for the »Omega« keyboard stand. Practical tray for stacker 18821. The third level provides space for smaller synthesizers, controllers, drum machines etc. The stop angle with integrated edge protectors and the anti-slip rubber pads ensure extra hold for smaller equipment.


#6: Laptop holder (No. 18815)
This holder ensures that you can see your laptop, because the height, distance and direction can be adjusted variably.  For the perfect angle of the support arms there are 8 different adjustment angles to choose from. In addition, the holder can be attached individually to each leg of the keyboard stand. Thanks to the adjustable stop pin the laptop connectors are always accessible. In addition, the support arms are also suitable for smaller equipment, such as e.g. an iPad.


#7: Tablet PC Holder (No. 19790)
Like this Tablet PC holder, all König & Meyer Tablet & iPad Holder with a 3/8″ threaded connector can be attached.


New in 2020

Basic support »Omega« Table stand (No. 18828)

 – Only in connection with the stacker 18811 – With the help of this basic support, the stacker 18811 can be converted into a complete keyboard table stand in no time at all. On request, the table stand can be extended to a third level with the stacker 18822.


Stage piano support for »Omega« (No. 18827)

The short version of support arms for »Omega« keyboard stands 18800, 18810 and 18820. The length of the support arms is only 264 mm and is therefore ideally suited for stage pianos and keyboards with a small depth.


Universal holder (No.18807)
The practical universal holder opens up new application possibilities for the »Omega« 18810 and 18820 keyboard stands. The holder is steplessly adjustable in height and distance and can be mounted individually on any supporting leg of a keyboard stand. As an option K&M offers the sheet music holder 18805, various tablet PC holders and microphone boom arms.

FAQ & important information

Can these accessories also be used with other König & Meyer keyboard stands?
The equipment is made for the 18810 Table-style keyboard stand »Omega« as well as the 18820 Table-style keyboard stand »Omega Pro« and the 18800 Table-style keyboard stand »Omega-E«. Only the Laptop holder 18815 (#6) can´t be mounted on the »Omega-E«.

The sheet music holder and iPad holder, microphone arm as well as laptop holder (#1-3 + #6) can also be attached to the Keyboard-/Digital Piano-Folding Tables 18950 and 18953.


Does a larger keyboard fit under the attachment?
Yes, the largest master keyboard can be placed on the large lower support arms of the attachment. It is useful to place the original Omega support arms at the outer most positions.


Which accessories (maximum number) can I attach at the same time?
All: universal holder, sheet music holder, stacker, laptop holder, microphone arm


Do I have to purchase Adapter 18814 – is it included?
Yes it has to be purchased, it is not included.


How large can my laptop be? What´s the maximum weight capacity?
Up to at least 15.6 inches.
Our laptop holder 18815 is made for laptops between 2 and 3 kg. And we also give the advice to follow this instruction.
In theory this product is capable to hold more kg. Though it´s possible that the boom will tilt over (a few degree) and won´t be absolutly horizontal then. But the weight shouldn´t be a problem.


What are the smallest and largest attachment positions?
From 180 mm (and 300, 420, 550, 670) to 790 mm


Are there transpot carrying cases for the keyboard table stands?

There is a carrying bag for the »Omega-Pro«. (18829).


The Omega stands 18810 und 18820 are available in black, white and ruby red.

Product videos

  • »Omega Pro«
  • »Omega-E«
  • »Omega« Table Stand



Last update: April 2020


  • Peter Conway says:

    Im interested in buying the keyboard stand omega table. But i cant find how the keyboard is fastened to the table to stop it falling off if someone walks into it? The sliders do they hold the keyboard solidly enough to stop any movement?

    Many thanks

    • Fabian Brüne says:

      Hi Peter,
      thanks for your interest!
      when using a keyboard on an Omega, in most cases no additional fastening is required.
      However, please note that improper use may lead to the keyboard falling.
      If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.
      Best regards and stay safe,
      your K&M-Team

  • Tim says:

    I’d like to use the Omega with a 88 key stage keyboard (Roland RD-88) 258mm deep)that is fairly narrow. Will it accommodate the narrow depth?

  • Jon Cotton says:

    Hi, I’m looking for exactly this, only narrower, to accommodate a small 4-octave keyboard in a tight space. I need the width between the legs to be around 60cm.

    Do you do custom versions, or can you suggest any other solution?

    Thanks – Jon

  • Keith says:


    I’m looking to buy a mic floor stand / boom combination where the boom can also attached my 18810.
    Do all the K&M mic booms attach to 18817/18810 or is it only the 21140?
    Can the 21140 also be attached to other floor stands?


    • Fabian Brüne says:

      Hi Keith,
      you can use all boom arms in combination with the 18817 or other floor stands.
      Please check if your 18817 or your microphone stand has a 3/8 or 5/8 inch thread.
      The model of the boom arm must be selected accordingly.
      Best regards,
      your K&M-Team

  • J. Van Der Horst says:

    Hi there,

    I had the deal 18810 Table-style keyboard stand »Omega«, with the stacker. Also bought the sheet music holder. But the two together is no good! I do want the sheet music in fornt of me in the middel, so maybe I should have paid more attention. Also I realized becasue I have 88 keyboard, it is not so handy to add the keyboard tray to the side, because it would not fit. (I did not buy that one though) Just tryig to make it all work for me. Anyway. Maybe good to add this kind of information and maybe let me know if I can return the stacker and the Controller keyboard tray I bought with it?

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