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News 06.06.2024
Jochen Erbacher

Germany is hosting two major sporting events this year. The European Handball Championships took place in January. With over one million spectators in the halls, a new world record was set. On June 14, the 17th European Football Championship kicks off. There will be 51 matches in 10 stadiums.
Preparation is essential for teams and sports fans alike. In this article, you can find the right equipment for match day parties.

26782-019-56 Screen/ Monitor stand

First of all, the most important thing: the TV. Without a TV, a watch party would be pretty tired. Mounted on the screen stand and adjusted to the correct height, the TV is the central element. Thanks to the built-in VESA standard, this stand is suitable for any screen with a diagonal from 24″ to 46″. The tube combination ensures that cables from receivers, computers, and screens can be neatly stowed.

26773-000-56 Table monitor stand »Z-Stand« 

The central element – the TV – is flanked by a sound system ideally tuned to the surroundings. Your monitor speakers are supported by the Z-Stands. They bring HiFi speakers to the right height and ensure acoustic decoupling and thus a real stadium feeling in your home. The Z-stands are available in different colors can therefore be matched to your sound system. Variable use: a dream for every host. 😉

19797-000-55 Tablet PC table stand 

In order to keep the party going even during one-sided matches, supplements to the actual game can help. For example, on your tablet, you can run parallel games, present the scouting feed for the current game, flex with statistics, or order pizza in time for the next match. The perfect addition to your actual party line-up.

24620-000-35 Lighting stand 

Still have something to celebrate after the final whistle? Now the real party begins at your home! The party light, which you can install on the lighting stand, provides just the right ambiance. There is space for up to eight spotlights on the crossbar. These can be mounted using the optionally available screw set. The lighting stand is made of aluminum, which guarantees quick and easy assembly and disassembly.


We wish all teams a fair, successful, and injury-free tournament! Exciting games and enjoyable evenings together with your friends.
What are your predictions? Who will be European champion? Tell us in the comments!

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