Flash Forward

In 2010 four young musicians from Wesel, Germany founded the band Flash Forward.

  • Stefan Weigel – guitar & vocals
  • Florian Blaswich – guitar & vocals
  • Tino Wilczewski – drums
  • Jakob Wolff – bass


In the following year the first album „Games, Cheats & Fakes“  was released. This Pop- Punk album came to life in the shelter of their homes. That also gave reasons for the re-release in 2013 (Redfield Record Label).

Flash Forward knew they wouldn´t record their second album near the place they live. As a band they already had been far away from home for a long time. Finally they travelled to Berlin to produce the new songs with Flo Nowak (5BUGS) at the Dailyhero Studio. Also the musical style changed. The new album, released in 2014 presented polyphonic Alternativ Rock. Flo explained: “The sound and the new songs are more sophisticated, more diverse and arranged more consciously.”

The album was named after the Roman God of Light: Apollon. The songs cover subjects like loneliness, doubt, betrayel as well as courage or vitality.
Stefan described: “The special thing about Apollon is that every song can stand for itself although there is a context built up with the other ones. Nothing is set in stone, but there is a central theme that runs through the whole album.”

In the same year they wanted to play live as much as they can- and they did. And they also had a full schedule in 2015. Finally in March 2016 the new album “Who we are” was released.

Just one year later the band presented “Revolt” – the new album is a great mix of Alternative, Indie and Punkrock.
The current album “Golden Rust” was released in 2019.

Flash Forward and König & Meyer

The band was one of our musical highlights at Musikmesse 2014. Two times they rocked the Agora Stage. And in July 2014 we had a great (live on stage) video and photo shooting. Later on Flash Forward were on Nightliner Tour. Their tour dairy was exclusively published on our blog.

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