Truck Stop

Truck Stop is a German country band from Hamburg founded in 1973. Originally the band played English-language country music and released four albums, though sales began dropping. In 1976 they tried something different: “Die Frau mit dem Gurt” was their first song in German and was immensely popular. The band then decided to stick with German country songs.

Take it Easy, altes Haus

In 1979 Truck Stop took second place in the contest for the German contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest with “Take it Easy, altes Haus”. Since then the band has been a welcome guest on numerous television music shows and received many awards in the country music genre. They wrote and performed the title song for the popular television police show “Großstadrevier” and collaborated with Stefan Raab on the “Maschen-Draht-Zaun” title song in 1999.

First endorser

Truck Stop has been one of our endorsers since March 1998, making them our very first band. They kicked off our era of endorsements.

40 years and great times

2013 – the anniversary year: Truck Stop has celebrated 40 years and great times. Under the same name “40 Jahre….geile Zeiten” they´ve released the new album and presented special anniversary shows. German country music still demonstrates durable success.
In 2015 Truck Stop released to LPs: “Country Freunde für immer” and “Männer sind so”.

Hamburg Homage

Hamburg is the band´s hometome. For 40 years the songs tell of truckers´ dreams, love and Hamburg. In 2016 Truck Stop presented the album “Unser Hamburg” (our Hamburg) with songs about their hometown.

Club-Tour 2017

“Made in Germany” Club-Tour: less clichés, more personality! Real music, handmade & honest!

45th anniversary!

A good reason to celebrate! See the most successful German country band on their big anniversary tour 2018. Of course the band released a corresponding album named “Das große Jubiläum” (the great anniversary).
Already one year later there is new music. The album “Ein Stückchen Ewigkeit” is released.

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