God bless König & Meyer

Company News 09.06.2011
Gabriela König CEO

„God bless König & Meyer
They make stands for what you do!“

These nice words are from a song written by the music store „Factory Sound“ from Australia. They are good with words and so they wrote new lyrics for the  song „It´s raining men“.
They also made a creative and amusing video for this very funny and chrarming „König & Meyer“ song.
We´ve been very suprised and pleased about it.
So have fun!

“Our favourite brand of stand, bar none. Germany’s Konig&Meyer has been producing awesome quality stands for over 60 years. Speaker stands, microphone stands, lighting stands, and a huge array of instrument stands and accessories. We’ve loved them for at least 15 of those years.
Anyway, we were sitting around after work hours earlier this week, having a cleansing lager, talking about the good old days, and light a bolt of lightning – we were struck with an idea for a little promo clip. Any excuse really.
For more intelligent information on K&M stands, catch up with us at – we keep more K&M stands in stock than any other shop in Australia. Cheers!”


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