New distribution center: more room for music stands

Company News 12.05.2016
Sandra Scholtz

In the mid-February there took place the symbolic first cut of the spade for the construction of a new distribution center. This step was considered and discussed for quite some time but finally the construction at the Wertheim-Reinhardshof  has started. And the construction should already be completed by the end of the year; relocation is expected for spring/summer 2017. This distribution center is the company’s biggest investment since the construction of Plant II in 1969.

Growth & Expansion

The existing warehouse capacity is reaching its limits. That´s a main reason for the new building. Gabriela König, our CEO explains: “Our variety of products has increased  severely in the  past years and continues to grow. Many products are becoming more  bulky; additionally, customers’ individualized requests are growing. Through the better availability of our products, we will be able to further ensure and improve our exceptional, customer-demanded supply capability.”
There were no opportunities for additional growth at the main facility, but finally the right location nearby was found.

The new distribution center

Roughly 25 current employees will work in the new facility with

  •  a storage height of 7.5 meters
  •  a capacity of  around 7,000 spaces for pallets
  •  offices and a parking lot

Competitiveness & Employment

There will also be changes at the main plant, for example more room for process adjustments in production. “Through certain restructurings we can achieve shorter methods of production and thereby a better production flow in order to keep working efficiently and effectively, as we will only be able to maintain our position in the market with first-class, high-quality products and excellent service. In the end, that will help us to remain competitive as well as to keep our jobs here in Wertheim ”, according to the CEO.


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