New High-End Microphone Stand from König & Meyer

Product Know-How 22.06.2012
Gabriela König CEO

König & Meyer once again sets a benchmark in the area of microphone stands. The newly developed one-hand microphone stand »Elegance« (Art.-Nr. 26200) offers both unique design and functionality. The stand’s height can be adjusted quickly, easily and silently using a one-hand clutch. A completely new mechanical construction inside the stand has made this possible. The unusual triangular form and modern design of the one-hand clutch create an elegant image. The handle of the one-hand clutch is form-fit to the most common microphone clamps, which is also a novelty.

The integrated knurled screw used to fixate the position of the microphone is integrated in the handle and therefore cannot be lost.  The stand is relatively lightweight, but nonetheless stable due to the newly developed round steel base with a robust cover. The base’s circumferential rubber profile reduces undesirable vibration and footfall noise even when the stand is tilted far over to the side. A further advantage: this protects sensitive floors, such as parquet for example.



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