All I want for Christmas: Our highlight gifts

Product Know-How 12.12.2023
Fabian Brüne

König & Meyer and the wish list: it’s a tradition! Year after year, we present products in our K-Mag that “every musician would love”. This year, however, we want to dedicate the platform to our 4 personal highlight gifts from past items. Have fun reading them!


16075 Headphone table stand

The headphone table stand has established itself as a real all-purpose weapon among gifts over the past few years. After all, there are usually two main reasons why people are less than delighted with a gift: because of its size or because of its appearance. If you are looking to avoid these pitfalls this year, we recommend the 16075 headphone table stand. Regardless of the size and shape of hi-fi headphones, gaming headsets or studio headphones, the headphone table stand provides a secure mount for all models. For two years now, the table stand has been available in sand-beige and basalt gray in addition to the standard black version, making it suitable for almost any headphone model. Thanks to its look and high-quality workmanship, the stand skillfully sets the scene for any headphones without stealing the show.


26200 One-hand microphone stand »Elegance«

We presented the one-hand microphone stand »Elegance« as a Christmas present back in 2020. What a crazy time that was! Although gigs and events were almost unthinkable at the time, we were somehow able to make the most of the time and take a more in-depth look at our instrument and equipment. And if you take a closer look, you’ll see that the »Elegance« microphone stand fulfills exactly what musicians expect from good equipment. It combines aesthetics with functionality, it turns an accessory into an essential piece of performance equipment, and it’s also easy to use. At the same time, the material used ensures that the one-hand microphone stand »Elegance« will continue to give you a lot of pleasure in the future.


19747 Smartphone holder

Christmas present number 3 comes from the same year (2020): the 19747 smartphone holder. And what can we say? While the 12th generation of the iPhone and the S20 model of the Galaxy series were the most popular gifts in 2020, today it’s the iPhone 15 and the Galaxy S23. The bottom line is clear: The smartphone is still in high demand as a Christmas gift this year. And just as smartphones have changed (or perhaps not ;)), we have also made some small changes to the smartphone holder. The holder now accommodates smartphones with a width of between 60 and 84 mm and can be rotated through 360° thanks to the ball joint. The clamp bracket allows the smartphone holder to be fixed to any pipe that has a maximum diameter of 30 mm. This makes the smartphone holder the perfect alternative (or addition) to our tablet holders.


10700 Music stand

Children may see Christmas as the finish line of a 24-day door-opening marathon, but we adults are often a little more down-to-earth along the way. Christmas is 7 days before New Year’s Eve, so it’s high time to set the course for a relaxed transition into the new year. What’s a must for this? New Year’s resolutions, of course! While the word “renunciation” would be more appropriate for some resolutions, others can be better described with the word “beginning”. So, wouldn’t January 2024 be the ideal starting point for learning a new instrument? The 10700 music stand is the perfect gift for anyone thinking of learning a new instrument. The music stand is very stable thanks to its unique foot construction. At the same time, the music stand can be extended in two directions, allowing you to practice both standing and sitting.


What Christmas present would you be most happy about? Let us know in the comments and follow us on Instagram for more gift ideas! We wish you a wonderful and musical pre-Christmas season![/vc_column_text]

Our highlight gifts

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