New: One-hand Microphone Stand »Performance«

Product Know-How 07.07.2014
Gabriela König CEO

Two years after the presentation of the high-end microphone stand »Elegance«, König & Meyer is rolling out another one-hand microphone stand: the »Performance« 26250.

Compared to the existing »Elegance« stand, the new one-hand stand features a somewhat simpler handle for one-hand adjustment so it can be offered at a lower price. In addition it was designed with a combination of high-quality round tubes.

Otherwise the »Performance« 26250 is just as good as its big brother technically. The height can be adjusted soundlessly, easily and reliably thanks to a new mechanism inside the stand. Weighing only 3 kg, »Performance« is very light yet stable even when it is tilted far over thanks to its round base. The rubber ring integrated in the outer edge of the base reduces the transmission of footfall noise and prevents damage to flooring even when it is put down roughly.

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