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Product video 30.01.2015
Sandra Scholtz

We´ve got some new product videos, kindly provided by our distributor Conolly.
Musicians who want to have or already own the following equipment – just keep clicking through!


17513 and 17515 Guardian
Our popular multiple-guitar stands hold up to 3 ( 5 ) guitars securely. No matter whether you have acoustic, electrical or bass guitars the Guardian saves spaces and allows you an easy overview of your guitars.

17540 E-Guitar Stand
This stand for electric guitars is stable, sturdy, simple and easy to adjust and fold.

17670 »Memphis Pro«
This folding stand is for all guitars. It features a patented flexible hooking-in and clamping system which quickly and firmly graps the guitar neck.

 The group video presents:

  • 17513 Five guitar stand Guardian 5
  • 17515 Three guitar stand Guardian 3
  • 17540 E-guitar stand
  • 17670 »Memphis Pro«
  • 17580 A-guitar stand »Heli 2«
    The world-renowned classic stand is presented in a new look. With the new innovative adjustable cross bar, guitars of different sizes or even other instruments such as a cello or French horn can be placed on the stand.
  • 17581 E-guitar stand »Heli 2«
    This proven E-Guitar Stand was revised and features a new adjustable support system.



18810 Table-style keyboard stand »Omega«
This stand is highly stable. The »Omega« keyboard table is predestined to be equipped / optimized with additional equipment!

18860 Coloumn stand »Spider Pro«
The Spider Pro is equipped with a pair of extendable support arms, as well as an additional pair of extendable support arms with a 15° tilt angle. The Spider Pro can be fitted with additional support arms and other equipment.

18930 Double X-Stand and »Rick«
18930 has an ergonomic clamping mechanism makes setup or break down easy and fast. Rick is a popular X-Stand with a patented push-button quick-release mechanism for easy operation.

The group video presents an overview of the following products:

  • 18810 Keyboard table »Omega«
  • 18860 »Spider Pro«
  • 18930 X-Stand
  • 18990 Keyboard stand »Rick«



21020 Standard modell
The industry standard for a mic stand and boom arm combination. This package consists of the 201A/2 microphone stand and the 211 boom arm.

21090 A classic with telescopic boom arm
This stand is like 21020 but with a telescopic boom arm.

259 Low-level telescopic stand
259 is made for drums or sepcial recording technologies.

23320 and 23323 Low stands with a heavy cast iron case
This stands convince with a maximum stability. Well suited for microphoning amps, percussion, etc.

260/1 Solo stand
It´s a stand with a cast-iron round base and with anti-vibration rubber insert for noise filtration.

26145 Large stand
The larger tubing reaches a height of 1.7 m and as such is well suited for taller individuals.

Get an overview:

  • mic stand with a round base: 260/1, 26145, 23320 and 23323
  • ..and tripod mic stands: 21090, 21020 and 259


Studio & Live

213 Speaker stand
A high quality steel speaker stand with zinc die-cast clamps for professional use.

21436 Standard Speaker stand
It guarantees stability and safety and the patented push-button system affords user-friendly stand height adjustment.

21463 Speaker stand with pneumatic spring 
With a lifting power of 25 kg, heavy speakers are lifted up safely and ergonomically – with no stress on one’s back!

A group video of our speaker stands:

  • 21436 and 21435 Standard Speaker stands
  • 21463 Speaker stand with pneumatic spring
  • 213 Speaker stand
  • 214/6 Speaker stand

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