The K&M Wall and Ceiling Mount Concept

Product Know-How 31.03.2020
Gabriela König CEO

König & Meyer presents an innovative system of loudspeaker mounts, which consists of the following products:

in combination with nine different adapter panels:
panel 1 24352 to panel 6 24359 as well as four VESA panels (19615, 19616, 19617, 19718)

The mounts are all functional, very robust and versatile. Thanks to variable angle and direction adjustments, the loudspeakers can be adjusted to your needs. The loudspeaker mounts can, depending on the requirement, be used with or without the nine adapter plates. The adapter panels have specific drill hole templates (to install on the loudspeakers), dimensions and vertical and horizontal mount for various loudspeakers.

This chart illustrates the five mounts, adapter panels and drill hole templates. In addition, the loudspeaker models of individual manufacturers are listed. This provides dimension and mount plus panel direction information for the various loudspeakers.

Overview wall- and ceiling mount and stand adapter

At this point in time, the list is up-to-date, however we make no claims to the completeness of the list, due to the fact that the loudspeaker industry does not adhere to any standards in this regard, but does offer a wide variety of individual solutions. But, in general, users know which drill hole template and adapter panel is needed for their loudspeakers. The exact drill hole templates for the adapter panel are provided in this Illustration.


This systems provides great advantages specifically in regard to installation, the system can be installed by one individual quickly and easily.

First the plate from the wall mount 24471 and 24481 as well as the Inclinable stand adapter 19780 is mounted separately. Then the swivel support arm, which has already been removed from the mount, is attached to the loudspeaker using the corresponding adapter panel. Then, this combination can simply be attached to the wall mount. Finally, the whole system is secured with a locking screw.

Similar to the wall mount, the Ceiling Mount 24496 as well as the Adapter 19610 is separated from the plate. Then it is screwed into the loudspeaker with or without an adapter panel. An additional feature of the mount is the internal cable management. This allows for surface or sub-surface cable installations.

All mounts and adapter panels are available in both black and white; installation material and screws are not included. With the exception of AP6, which includes loudspeaker installation screws.


Video 1: König & Meyer Speaker wall mount concept



Video 2: König & Meyer Speaker ceiling mount Concept




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