The Shure all-inclusive package

Greetings from Wertheim 16.01.2020
Fabian Brüne

Just in time for the turn of the year, the Shure Company has come out with a wonderful all-inclusive package sure to please old hands and newbies alike. Read on to find out what the black box has in store for you:


  1. One of the most legendary dynamic microphones the market has to offer:  the Shure SM58.
  2. A six meter cable from the Sommer Cable Company.
  3. A special  König & Meyer microphone stand:


For this package, we set out to create a microphone stand that meets the requirements of experienced musicians while still satisfying ambitious beginners; a stand that would fulfill their every expectation for durability, functionality, stability and compatibility. All these aspects flowed into the design plus an exceptional level of flexibility. A skillful combination of high-quality individual parts with extra-lightweight components provides this flexibility, making the set suitable for both the stage and regular rehearsals.

The microphone stand has been manufactured in Wertheim under strict environmental and fair working conditions. Visit here to read about the guidelines that govern our production and activities.



    Hi, I have interest in your SM58 bundle.
    How can I get it in Colombia?

  • Fabian (K&M-Team) says:

    The company Shure is responsible for the distribution and the selection of the countries.
    If you have still interest, please contact the company Shure.
    Best regards,
    Fabian (K&M-Team)

  • Jörg says:

    Hi Fabian,

    could you pleased explain what sets the microphone stand in this bundle apart from the regular 210/2?



  • Fabian says:

    Hi Jörg,
    thank you so much for your comment.
    The microphone stand (2,35 kg) is slightly lighter than the 21020 (3,13 kg) . The 21020 has for example a zinc die-cast base and a different swivel joint (connection between the tripod and the boom arm). The special microphone stand here has a fiberglass-reinforced plastic base.
    Best regards.

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