Better together – product highlights for Valentine’s Day

K&M Backstage 14.02.2022
Fabian Brüne

Roses, gift certificates, a candlelit dinner: those are probably the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts. But could a K&M product also help you capture your beloved’s heart? Unlikely. 😉

Still, we thought this would be a good time to present a few products to you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll lose your heart to one of them!

Power magnet 11580-000-29

The pull between two people can be hard to explain at times. Shared hobbies or interests and a similar group of friends might offer clues, but in many cases, there’s still the old adage that opposites attract.

With this product, by contrast, the pull is “relatively” easy to explain with physics. Yeah, physics!

With our power magnet set, you can fix your notations and arrangements in place on your K&M music stand.

Table monitor stand “Z-Stand” 26773-000-56

“You two are inseparable!” Our new stands for your near field monitors come in a two-pack. The stands lift your monitor speakers by about 25 cm, offering a convenient listening height and providing acoustic decoupling.

Their appealing design means these monitor stands are irreplaceable in the studio, but that’s not all. They also pair perfectly with your hi-fi system for use in a home living room.

Speaker stand package 21449-000-55

Things are just more fun in twos! And some things just sound better as a pair, too: two speakers that are perfectly aligned to go together, for example.

We offer a set of two speaker stands for the speakers in your PA system. Weighing in at just 6 kg and packed with a handy carrying case, they’re also all set for use on the go. The speaker stands are made of aluminum, so they are easy to transport and also highly rugged and durable. A push-button system makes adjusting the speaker height quick and easy. This speaker stand package is rated for a maximum weight of 50 kg.

Quick-Release Adapter for microphones 23900-300-55

Being responsive to the other person’s needs is the key to a healthy and happy relationship.

The same is true of us here at the company. Your feedback helps us adjust our products so they meet your requirements even better. Our quick-release adapter has been revamped to give you even more flexibility when changing your microphones. The adapter, which can be attached to any of our microphone clips thanks to 3/8” threading, now comes in a two-pack. It’s super simple to use: Just press the gray button to unlock the threaded bolt and pull it out. At the same time, the threaded bolts are also available separately as a set.


Have you lost your heart to a certain K&M product? Let us know in the comments! And by the way, you’ll find more products to set hearts aflutter on our Instagram page!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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