The K&M Stadium for your Super Bowl Party!

K&M Backstage 31.01.2020
Fabian Brüne

The hype about the Super Bowl of the National Football League (NFL) is big in Germany. Maybe bigger than ever before. Let’s take a look at what König & Meyer has in common with this major sporting event and how you can impress your friends with your Do It Yourself stadium made of K&M products.

K&M on the biggest stage in the world

Have you ever wondered what inanimate objects would say if they could suddenly speak? Animism is the technical term for the projection of human abilities and characteristics onto objects. Our products would tell of countless performances, of stages large and small, of cramped darkness in the Tourvan and of great artists. A performance would not be forgotten, because it is anything but commonplace to perform in front of 120 million US spectators. Worldwide, the number of spectators of the Super Bowl and the half time show is approaching the billions.

Want proof? With our knurled screw, we are not exactly masters of disguise. But it does make it easier for us to prove that we were allowed to be part of Coldplay’s stage performance (at least) in 2016.

The Super Bowl – more than just a sporting event

American football is a polarizing sport. Whether ridiculed as boring, or praised as unpredictably exciting, the final – seemingly regardless of the discussion – sets new viewer records every year. In addition to passionate football fans, “Actually, I only want to watch the half time show” fans also join the illustrious crowd in front of the television. The lures of suspense and surprise seem to pick up even those who aren’t interested in sports: Who will have the honor of singing the national anthem before the game? Which artists will provide musical accompaniment at half time? And thus the number of spectators amounts to the billions already mentioned. Companies and brands are all jumping onto the hype train, which has long since passed the station of the pure sporting event, and is well on its way towards the mega event. The organizer is also well paid for the huge advertising space. A thirty-second advertising spot will easily run into the millions.

Pssst, spoiler alert: This year, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will be performing at half time at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.

Stadium feeling under your own roof

Passengers who bought their tickets for the hype train at the season’s kick-off in September will have spent countless hours in front of the television by the end of the season. Especially trendy are stadium replicas, built from snacks, which also distinguish the games – sometimes lasting for up to three hours – from other TV services in culinary terms. For those who want to stick to their diets even during the Super Bowl, we also serve a low-calorie stadium. Simply swipe through the products to see what you need for a König & Meyer stadium.

Our suggestion

Design Mikrofon-Tischstativ
Design Mikrofon-Tischstativ
UVP: 38,90 €
To the product
UVP: 15,90 €
To the product
UVP: 25,90 €
To the product
Notenpultleuchte »Double4 LED FlexLight« To the product
Standfuß »FlexLight«
Standfuß »FlexLight«
UVP: 6,30 €
To the product

What is “American football” anyway?

In American football, two teams of about 45 men face each other, with only eleven players per team on the field at any one time. The attacking team tries to pass the ball into the end zone to a receiver or to run into the end zone with it. This is usually not achieved in one move, but only by gradually moving forwards. The attacking team has four attempts (downs) to gain at least ten yards (9 meters). In this way, the attacking team gets closer and closer to the end zone. If the offense does not manage to do this, possession of the ball changes teams (turnover). The offense becomes the defense and vice versa. As a rule, points are scored by a touchdown (6 points) and a subsequent extra point (1 point) or, more rarely, a subsequent two-point conversion (2 points). If the offense reaches at least over the 50-yard line in the opponent’s half and has already made three attempts, the team can decide on a field goal (3 points) in the fourth attempt. The winner is the team that scores more points at the end of the 4 x 15 minutes net playing time.
The field is about 5350 m2 with both end zones and hardly differs in size from a soccer pitch. By way of comparison, our dispatch center has a total area of 7500 m2.

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