5 years guarantee on König & Meyer products

Company News 15.11.2010
Gabriela König CEO

Purchasing a König & Meyer product is always a good decision, for all of our products are characterized by high quality and reliability. In particular, our product quality is reflected in a high level of functionality and in first-class materials. Sophisticated production processes and qualified staff ensure that practically all products are delivered to you punctually and in perfect condition.

The quality of our products, which has been proven over decades, offers a sound basis for extending our guarantee period beyond the statutory two-year warranty to 5 years. In this way we have sent out a clear signal for the König & Meyer brand.

The 5-year guarantee covers all material and production defects in König & Meyer products.

If the product should become defective within the warranty provisions, please return the product to the dealer where you have purchased it. We will decide together with the dealer if we repair or replace the product free of charge at our option. Proof of purchase must be submitted with the returned product. Please do not send any products directly to König & Meyer.

In addition, we offer you a 10-year guarantee of availability for most spare parts for our products.

We know that we can only be successful if our customers are satisfied. This is why customer service has top priority for us. We believe that the extended guarantee period will make it even easier for you to decide in favor of a König & Meyer product.

Further information about our guarantee.


  • Ruth Mcginley says:

    I have just purchased 2 K&M mic stands… do I need to register them for warranty?

  • Fabian (K&M-Team) says:

    Hello Ruth,
    thank you for using our products! We are very happy that you have chosen our brand.
    A registration is not required. Please keep the delivery note or invoice instead.

    Best regards,
    Fabian (K&M-Team)

  • Bartosz says:

    Is this 5 year guarantee also valid on Polish market? In case of problems is there any official service of K&M there?
    Best regards.

  • Fabian (K&M-Team) says:

    Hi Bartosz,
    thanks for your comment. Short and simple: Yes, it is!
    In case you have a problem with one of our products, please contact the dealer where you bought the product. If this is not possible please feel free to come back to us. (socialmedia@k-m.de)
    Best regards,
    Fabian (K&M-Team)

  • James says:

    I’ve been using an old mic stand for years in my home studio. I’m not sure what brand it is, but it does say made in Germany. Unfortunately the bolts seem stripped.

    Nonetheless, I’ve decided to buy two K&M Mic 21090.500.55 Stands to use in my micro small NYC apartment/home studio. I’m saving up my money and then I’m going to pull the trigger and purchase! I wish there was a sale of some sort? I want to buy the bundle that comes with a carrying bag.

  • MannyF says:

    Hi, I bought two K&M 26720 monitor stands. Both products arrived with deep scratches and chipped paint. This is not a manufacturing defect but a problem with the packaging. The 3 metal legs are not secured nor protected in any way inside the box. As a result, during transit they hit each other and other metal parts, thereby causing cosmetic damage. Is there anything K&M can do to correct this? I don’t think my dealer can do anything besides replacing the product, but the replacement would be similarly damaged since the packaging would be the same. Thanks!

  • Drew Martin says:

    I have a mic stand from you bought at music shop Neath, wales the base has become one sided, wonky I could do with a replacement, base thank you

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