New K&M Logistics Center Fitted With Photovoltaics System

Company News 27.10.2016
Gabriela König CEO

From February through October of this year, a new König & Meyer logistics center was built at the Reinhardshof in Wertheim. This expansion marks König & Meyer’s largest investment since the the second plant was founded in 1969. Since the storage capacities at the main site in Bestenheid are reaching their limits, the decision was made to create around 7,000 new pallet spaces. This will enable the company to continue the award-winning availability of goods and deliverability that customers demand.


The new logistics center has now been equipped with a photovoltaics system, which has begun operation with a power of 392 kWp. The 1,426 installed solar modules will produce around 400,000 kWh of environmentally friendly electricity every year. With the new system, the photovoltaic capacity installed on König & Meyer’s plants increases to 674 kWp. This power could in theory cover 35% of the company’s electricity requirements.

Quality components, produced in Germany, have been used in all of the systems. This also reflects K&M’s quality philosophy of “Made in Germany”.

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