Music at work degrades the job performance – doesn´t it?

Uncategorized 29.09.2012
Sandra Scholtz

A study from R. Beattie at the university of South-California found out that people working with music in the background could show symptoms of the disease pattern “Dyslexie”. That means people can´t read and understand words correctly. But here it has no bearing on the brainpower. These people notice more than they could handle. So background noises and other disturbing sounds can´t be neglected/ ignored. Then there´s less concentration and people get confused.

That is also what other researches indicate: Two groups of test persons had to do some tasks. The persons who were listening to music while they worked came of badly.


But it´s also a fact:
Music has different effects on people. So it has been proved that changing and/ or aggressive rhythm disturbs the concentration. In contrast steady beats can make people feel relaxed and concentrated. But: it´s also a matter of taste! Some persons relax with sweet or classical music, other persons would get nervous because they need techno.


But if you listen, it´s always essential:

  • Open plan office: Always use a head set!
  • The music mustn’t be loud!
  • Don´t sing along!



In opposition to this article we´ve found another source that argues for music at work!
When you are listing to music while you work, it would help you to

  • get motivated
  • stay productive
  • be creative

Moreover: when you are stressed out from work the doctor would order to listen to music. So you could continue to work without going mad.

So now there´s the question: What music should you listen to at your work?
Have a look at this graphic below. Different questions will lead you to suggestions.




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