Axel Bosse

Axel Bosse, born in Braunschweig in 1980, has been making music since he was 17. He has been on the road solo as (Axel) Bosse since 2003. He has made a name for himself as a German pop musician in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and has been awarded prizes such as the “Deutscher Musikerautorenpreis”, the “Fred-Jay-Preis” or the Hamburg music prize “Hans”.
With his albums “Engtanz” (2015) and “Alles Ist Jetzt” (2018), Bosse entered the German album charts directly at number 1. The predecessors “Wartesaal”, “Kraniche”, as well as the hit single “Schönste Zeit” are decorated with gold.
To still sell over 100,000 albums in times of diminishing sales, increasing fast-moving and focus on “songs” is a true rarity.
To belong to one of the most established and recognised artists in the German live business is probably the most beautiful award for continuity and the greatest gift one’s own audience can give one.


Bosse played in front of several hundred thousand people, at festivals such as Rock am Ring/ Rock im Park, Hurricane/ Southside, Highfield or Deichbrand. He performed in front of more than 13,000 fans at his own open-air concert at the Hamburg Trabrennbahn and in front of more than 100,000 visitors on the tour for the album “Alles Ist Jetzt”. His club concerts were sold out within two minutes.


Bosse convinces with fresh musical ideas, wordplay and remarkable depth of focus in his view of things. He brings the view of the “now” into his song. This is also the case in his gold-plated hit single “Der letzte Tanz”. It reminds us to hold on to the beauty of the important moments and to live in the here and now. With the current album “Sunnyside”, BOSSE once again manages the balancing act between breezy summer songs (“Wild nach Deinen Augen”), thoughtful reflections (“Nebensaison”) and touching statements (“Vater”).


Besides the music, it is also his attitude and credibility that creates identification. Bosse takes a strict and loud position against any right-wing Germanism or national socialist ideas and supports various NGOs.

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